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Pulley Lights

I began  my career of creating and selling pulley lights shortly after opening my original antiques and design company Architects & Heroes in 1990.  This blog was created to inform my clients on the timeless design and functionality of these pulleylights.

Below you will find information on how to order.  Each light is customized to fit your interior needs based on ceiling height and placement in your home.  Therefore, it is important that I communicate directly with each client. Orders can be placed by email loblollygoods@att.net Also call or text 512-775-5490 anytime if I can answer any questions.


How do they work? Each pulley light fixture has a canister that is weighted with heavy metal. This weight works as a counterbalance when combined with the weight at the bottom of the fixture. Collectively this process allows the fixture to stop at any desired point.

An original French Pulleylight circa 1900

A couple notes to remember when ordering.

* Listed at the end of the blog is the pivot we created that must be used for hanging the lights on vaulted ceilings. 

* Most of the  lights are made for an 8' ceiling BUT the lighting can be extended to accommodate any ceiling height.  This is done by adding more wire and adding a longer brass pipe between the ceiling plate and the top pulley system.  There is an additional fee of $35 per socket for this service.

* The fixtures are constructed of solid brass tubing which is oxidized to create an antique brass metal finish. It is not as dark as oiled rubbed bronze, if you prefer a different metal finish we offer a high quality enamel paint finish for an additional cost.. We never lacquer the fixtures which allows them to continue to darken over time.

* All fixtures are shipped with an electrical box hanger bar. Fixtures are simple to install. Our hanger bar has a hook that allows the fixture to hang on a loop which is attached to the top pipe inside the ceiling plate.  Your ground wire will attach to screw located on the hanger bar. 



Pendant Lights

Simple single pendant lighting. The design of these pendants are great for those smaller spaces and because of the single wire construction this light can be extended to fit any ceiling height from 8' or higher. Many of my customers opt to use 2 or 3 of these lights over their kitchen islands instead of a larger heavier looking fixture.  The canister weight can be an egg shape (as shown) or a simple cylinder design.

In Stock

Item 600AB     Aged Brass with Aged Brass Fluted Weight
H/33" Pulls down to 53"x W/8" 

$225   with White 8" shade.
$240   with White 10" shade
Add $10 for 8" or 10" Amber Shade


This single pendant is sleeker in design with a larger canister and a 14" dome shade. This fixture has an up and down movement of 25" and a drop down wire handle. Shade available in Milk Glass only.

Item # 650
H/39" Pulls down to 64"x W/14" 


Two Light Fixtures

  • Designed from a component off of a 19th Century Steamer Ship Compass Bracket. This light extends up and down approximately 12" to give you a total extended height of 44". Neatly detailed thumbscrews allow the light to expand an additional width of almost 8” to a total width of 42”. Brown cloth wire accents the aged brass finish only.

Item #641
$575 White Shades
$590 Amber Shades
H/32" Pulls down to 44" x W-34"



One of my most popular lights. The “Craftsman Two light” is perfect for many interior applications. The handle was recreated from armalou once attached to an art deco mantle clock. Hang it over the kitchen island or dining room table. This light is designed with an up and down movement of approx. 15” and the shades can be locked to either point up or down. With an antique brass finish, the light looks great with the antique brass counter weight, brown cloth covered wire, and 8” milk glass shades. Fixture can be shortened for 8' ceilings.  The single pendant shown above compliments this fixture.

Item 602
$495.00 White Shades

$535.00 Amber Shades
H/32" Pulls down to 47" x W-34"
If shades are in the up position (not shown) Height is 24" Pulls down to 39"



Beautiful castings from a 19th century french gas fixture and a hand rubbed finish complete this stylish lamp. Shipped with 8” diameter milk glass shades, brown rayon covered wire, and ceramic pulley wheels. Shade locks allow the shade to slightly lock in the outward position. Or they can point straight down as well. Aged Brass only.

Item 615
$625 .00 White Shades
$670.00 Amber Shades 
H/31" Pulls down to 47"x W-26" 



Three Light Pulleys

Craftsman #3

This fixture has a movement of 16", shades can be locked either up or down. Made of solid brass and shipped with 8" milk glass shades. This fixture can be shortened for an 8' ceiling.

Items #605AB 
$695.00 White Shades
$740.00 Amber Shades 

H/32" Pulls down to 46" x W-30"
If shades are in the up position ( not shown) Height is 24" pulls down to 31"



605AB aged brass

Craftsman 3 Line

One of our most poplar kitchen island or harvest style dining table fixtures. The two Outer shades lock in the up or down position.   White or Amber shades.

Item 602-3
$695.00 White Shades
$740.00  Amber Shades

Dimensions H/33" Pulls down to 42" x W/ 51"
Outer shades can be locked in the up position


Compass #3

This triple weighted three light not only has an up and down movement of 21" but each arm can expand out approximately 4 inches. Made of solid brass with a hand rubbed aged brass finish.  The arms of this fixture are configured in a triangular formation.

Item #648
$695.00 White Shades
$735.00 Amber Shades
H/32" Pulls down to 53"x W/29" / widens to 36"


Bistro #3

The Three-Light Bistro is a most elegant light fixture. This light is available only in hand rubbed aged brass finish, is adjustable up to 14" and ships with 8" milk glass shades.

Item #616
$795 White Shades
$855 Amber Shades
H/33" Pulls down to 47"x W/24"



The Bilardo is an inline three light long enough for a billiards table, longer bars, kitchen islands or dining room tables. It is a solid brass fixture that has an up and down movement of 15". Features include three 10" case glass amber shades and eight distinctive brass wheels.

Item 670AB
Price $1295
41" H pulls down to 56" x 55"W


Below is an Extended Bilardo Fixture with Cone shaped Shades for over a pool table
in this instance we elongated the center pipes as well as the top pipe.  The center pipes were elongated since this client wanted to raise the fixture high enough to play ping pong.

Pivot Arm Wall Sconce
This Pivot-Arm Sconce is an original in practicality and design. For reading, pull the shade down. For more ambiance, push the shade up. With the counterbalance system, the light stays wherever you place it. The light has been designed so the arm pivots 180 degrees. Made of solid brass with ceramic pulley wheels and rayon cloth covered wire.

PRICE $295
Back plate: W-4" x H-6.5", arm: extends 22"
Lamp pulls down 24"

                              IN STOCK

Ordering process.

Email (loblollygoods@att.net) or call/text me (512-775-5490)with the following information

1. Item number

2. Shade color milk glass or cased amber

3. Overall floor to ceiling height ( fixtures are made for 8'ceiling, add $35 per socket for extending up to 12')
If your ceiling is over 12' high, add an additional $95 per 3' of ceiling.

4. I need to know what the pulley light is hanging over.....counter, island or table.

5. Shipping address and contact information including phone number.

6. Orders are shipped UPS ground fully insured  Once I have your order ready to ship I will contact you via email and give you the option to pay with any major credit or debit card either over the phone or online.  Whatever you are more comfortable with.  Once I ship you will be receiving automated tracking information via UPS website. Shipping is generally about 15% of invoice total depending on destination. 

7. I want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. In the event you are not happy with
your order please contact me. Your purchase is fully refundable less shipping charges.


If you have a vaulted ceiling we can create a pivot that must be in placed before you can hang this style of light fixture.
Below is an image of the component that we have created to accommodate vaulted ceiling.  Price is $50, it is constructed of solid brass and allows our fixtures to hang straight from a slanted surface.

Replacement shade price
1. small cone white        8.5"D   $60
2. small cone amber      8.5"D   $70
3. med cone white         10" D    $70
4. med cone amber       10" D    $80
5. large cone white        12" D    $90
6. large cone amber      12" D    $100
7. large bell amber        12" D    $125
8.  large dome shade 14" D $150

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